Deborah is an amplifier and translator, a map, a light in the fog. Her sessions have provided me with clarity, focus, understanding and heart. I have been able to connect with both my 17 week daughter and myself in the most intimate and soulful way that I did not know existed before. It's as if Deborah has provided a window into a whole new way of being with my daughter and myself, bringing a new level of awareness to our relationship. I have such heartfelt gratitude for Deborah's gifts.

Laura, Yoga Teacher

Embracing All Aspects of Who We Are

Healing occurs when we courageously venture to uncover the parts of ourselves that we have neglected, forgotten and disowned. These aspects of who we are need our acknowledgment, nurturing and acceptance. They hold Secret Healing Medicine. When we willingly embrace our vulnerabilities and forgotten parts, our hearts open and expand to love ourselves more deeply and accept ALL WE ARE. 

Healing ourselves requires bridging gaps in our awareness on all levels of our being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In order to achieve wholeness, we must acknowledge and heal our illusory separateness from these aspects of ourselves, others; both living and passed, nature and all seen and unseen energies around us.

When we accept, own and embody all parts of ourselves, we are capable of healing all duality and separation. We are Free. We are Whole. We are One with All That Is.

During our sessions, my goal is to help you feel very safe in opening to the vulnerable, hidden aspects of who you are by assisting you in bridging gaps in your awareness. I listen deeply to subtle energies that flow within and around your body and serve the many aspects of who you are; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I am also listening very deeply to the many unseen guides around you, who I refer to as your Soul Council.  As I assist you in connecting to these energies, you may feel sensations, receive visions, insights or I may bring through direct communications I receive from your guides, including loved ones who have passed, desiring an opportunity to connect with you and share their profound love, wisdom and support. 

Deborah's sessions are life-changing. There is no connection more auspicious or blessed. I can personally never express sufficient gratitude for it. Her sessions are my spiritual and moral locus and touchstone, my way back home to my soul.

Patrick,  Software Engineer

Client Testimonials

As we gradually include in our awareness all that we have previously shut out and neglected, our body heals. 

​-Jack Kornfield

Deborah Benyik, RN, MPH

My Approach to Healing

I feel great after my session! I received all three chemo drugs today and after Deborah's session, I'm feeling like a rock star!

Michael, Entrepreneur

Deborah's healing and intuitive gifts are nourishment for the body, and especially the soul. It is difficult to put into words my gratitude for her compassion, acceptance, celebration and exploration of my current state of awareness within my marriage. I am still integrating what I felt and experienced in her loving presence, and in the presence of divine spirit. 

Michelle, Teacher  +1.3034827082

​​alta healing​

Each of us is an entire symphony, and though there are times when all of us will not be heard, dis-ease  begins the moment all of us is not played.

-Mark Nepo