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Alta Healing LLC

Energy Healing Session

$80 for 1 hour  $120 for 90min

Each session begins with a dialogue about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I may incorporate aspects of your astrological chart and direct communication with your Guides to uncover hidden or dismissed aspects of yourself and your current situation or relationship that are needing acknowledgment and acceptance. I will also help you to uncover potential barriers blocking you from realizing your fullest embodiment and health.

You will lie on the table fully clothed while I perform an assessment of energy flows throughout your body. I will then begin a gentle, full body energetic treatment incorporating Reiki and Healing Touch. During the treatment I may also be guided to incorporate breath work, toning, sound healing or guided imagery to assist you in bridging gaps in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness. You may be given practices you can perform at home to maintain alignment and balance with your innate source of healing and wisdom.

Intuitive Counseling and Astrological Profile

 $80 for 1 hour  $120 for 90min

Telephone sessions begin with the same dialogue. I will incorporate all of the same tools, except for the hands-on Reiki and Healing Touch, to assist you in becoming more attuned, aware and connected to your Highest Wisdom and Source. The transmission of energy you receive is just as powerful and transformative as an in-person session. You will receive a recording of the session and continue to feel multiple shifts in perception, awareness and awakening as you re-listen.